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Palazzo Falson is located in Mdina and it is a two-storey medieval palace fashioned on Sicilian examples of its period which was build by the Sicilian, Spanish and local nobility in Mdina. The Palazzo consists of a series of rooms wrapped around an internal courtyard, and an overlying piano-nobile which contained the original living quarters.

So you're getting married some time this year and you still haven't decided which theme is the best one for you? Don't worry, we're here to help. Here are our top 5 wedding themes for 2017!


1. The Garden Theme


This wedding theme is most ideal for the couple who's not so into flowers. With a world that is constantly striving to go green, a garden wedding will most definitely be one to look out for. Starting from your wedding venue decorated in evergreen leaves to the use of wooden chairs and beige bridesmaids dresses.


2. The Vintage Theme


If you're a classic couple who loves themselves a 1950s wedding then this theme is the one for you. With the mint and pastel pink taking on the main role. Imagine your wedding cake draped in sugar roses and your venue full of cream cushioned chairs. The bridesmaids all wearing mint dresses and carrying baby blue flowered bouquets. Simply beautiful!


3. The Crystals Theme


There's nothing wrong with making your special day as shiny as can be. Starting from the wedding gown, a touch of crystals will instantly make any bride feel like a princess. Keeping the colour scheme to mostly silver and white, crystals could be the most elegant touch to your special day! Who wouldn't want to serve that delicious pink champagne in a crystal glass?


4. The Tropical Theme


If you love colours and bright pink flowers, then a tropical wedding is something you might become obsessed with, especially if you're getting married in Malta. Starting from the refreshing and fruity drinks served at the bar, to the laid back wedding attire and delicious fruit cake, this flowery wedding will sure go down well with all your guests, leaving them (and yourselves) room to relax and celebrate.


5. The Classic Fairytale Theme


Nah, we can never forget about this one. Growing up watching Disney movies, this theme has basically become the epitome of all weddings. Starting from the frilly and big ball gown dresses, to the classic white cake and the horse-led carriage, this Cinderella story will leave the couple dancing in the enchanted castle way past midnight.


6. The Bohemian-Chic Theme


This theme is an exciting mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy styles. A wedding full of flower wreaths, casual and flowing dresses, mix and match decorations, outdoor locations and a whole lot of nature. Especially for those who have a limited budget, this theme gives you leeway for an easy DIY style wedding. The wedding will be one that is a statement of the couple's personalities. This style allows you to adapt according to location as well, and in fact you can opt for a beach or vintage bohemian wedding. The list of bohemian styles is endless!


7. The Modern and Industrial Vibe Theme


In a world that's always becoming more and more into modernity the combination of metallics and white colour palettes are one of the biggest go-to's this year. Such a theme will go down very well with many of the up and coming venues like Giardini Lambrosa and the Salini Bay Hotel. Brides and grooms alike are embracing metallics such as copper, rose gold and pewter especially because they are a highly versatile group of colours.


By Nicole Borg

One rising trend is that of setting a theme to your wedding. The location of the wedding and timing are two fundamental details that will determine the choice of your wedding theme, so make sure you choose the best setting for your taste. One of the most exhaustively used tactics to choose a theme is that of establishing one colour to be used to accentuate and put together the different wedding elements, including invites, wedding dresses, ties, flowers and decorations. But why stop at that? Below are our top three wedding themes!

The Vintage Wedding

In this hipster generation, one of the most popular wedding themes is vintage. Starting from lacy backless wedding dresses, head pieces, hand written calligraphy on invites, a lot (and yes I mean a lot) of roses, crystal glasses and chandeliers and many many bows, this wedding theme is set to take you and your guests back to the good old fifties.

The Rustic Wedding

If you don’t want to have a wedding theme that is mainstream then you might want to check out this one! Rustic weddings are all for different - starting from water colour invites tied with some lovely yarn string and brown paper envelopes, wooden chandeliers with hanging bulbs, white flowers accompanied by many evergreen leaves, and stunning strapless wedding dresses that look like they’re coming out of a Hollywood movie. And don’t get me started on the variety of wood textured wedding cakes and sweet decorations that look so beautiful they’ll make you want to gobble them up before any of your guests arrive!

All the pastels!

Pastels have very much been in vogue for the last couple of years, including in weddings. Starting from the choice of colour for flowers, mason jars or vases, chairs, cake decorations, the grooms tie and flower and accented wedding gowns secure you a very eye pleasing and relaxing wedding. Some of our favourite pastel colours include lavender, mint, powder blue, baby pink and light yellow.
By Nicole Borg